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I can feel your heart beat through my shirt

It has been a crazy few days but I am loving all the tweets from whatever con is happening right now and OMG Thomas asking for Uncle Jensen and Jared's gorgeous haircut and...I am very concerned about Jared's elbow. More on this later when I am not CRAZY.

I stupidly (?) invited friends over for pizza tonight so after work I needed to run into the liquor store but then I realized I was wearing a city shirt and it's against our ethics code to drink alcohol while wearing our badges or city shirts *inhale* *exhale* so I just took it all off in the parking lot and turned my shirt inside out and went in. OMG!

But before THAT, I got to have lunch with Addison and Drew.

Also, this happened recently:

 photo photopost_zpsc735b042.jpg

Also, EVERYTHING IS CRAZY. And I must clean the entire house (and myself) in the next 60 minutes.

Longer letter later. LYLAS!

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