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got one less problem without ya

So, the lovely big_heart_june does a Daily Dean picspam, which always is lovely and exciting. But, did you know casey28 does a Daily Sam update too? I only found this out very recently! HOW DID I NOT KNOW! I mean. Sam!girls, yeah? *fistbump*

I am absolutely wallowing in being off work today. I'm even still in PJs! I have loads of things to accomplish but think I may just ditch it all and be lazy instead. I'm so tired, it'd be so luxurious to have a rest day. Why not?

I haven't done a rec post in forever. I have a whole pile of links to share too. But today is not that day. Perhaps, soon.

So, I have a couple of requests for everyone reading this:

  • Show me your favorite Jared icon.

  • Tell me two things about you that I don't already know.

  • What's your favorite song, right now, in this moment?
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