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the only time we really talk is when our clothes are coming off

Growth comes with growing pains.

Not trying to complain or be a baby but this has been a hard week for me and I'm glad it's over. Feel myself sinking into a depression but I'm fighting to push it off. It's hard though.

Some randomness:

  • I saw The Fault in Our Stars this morning. It was very good. People all around me were violently sobbing though and...I am not a public crier so was sort of horrified on their behalves. It's not a perfect movie but I'm glad I saw it.

  • I've gotten really into making green smoothies lately. They're delicious. I was getting really foggy from not enough calories in the morning, but with a little planning ahead I seem to have solved that problem. Hope I can keep it up, this is such an easy way to get in extra veggies and fruits, and summer is the perfect time to sip on a cold shake all morning.

  • Finally went to the grocery store today. *checks that off the list*

  • Going through a phase where I am just OBSESSED with music.

    And other stuff. I don't know. I'm out of updating steam all of a sudden.
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