I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

even though I hate ya, I wanna love ya

First, the favor...does anyone have:

•Wasted by Tiesto
•These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding -- any version, by anyone


Second, the apology. I haven't read LJ in so many days. It's been a crazy week, I'm kind of overwhelmed by everything right now, just in general.

Some cool things that happened this week:

  • I got to cover story time at a nearby branch. I haven't done one in about two years, it was SO FUN. There were 68 kids and I think they liked me. I had 'em singing and stomping their feet and participating with the books. Well, I had a good time, anyway. And I always say with little ones that "enthusiasm tastes like victory." You just have to go for it and if you have fun, the kids will too.

  • Jim Gill did a concert at our downtown library! Do you guys know Jim Gill? He is a literal rock star to kids (and me), and he legit changed my own personal career path. Gah, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. We had 250 little kids and it was so fun. When he performed my favorite book, I got so teary I had to walk away for a few seconds, I was just so overcome by emotion.

  • Last night I treated myself to Marble Slab ice cream, and it was delicious.

  • My sweet brother has been working on these really cool art projects that have elements of mandalas and zentangles. Then, he colors them with sharpie markers. He sent one he made special for me this week and it is AMAZING. I'll post some pictures of it later on, but for real it is one of the coolest things I've ever owned. Can't wait to hang it up and show it off!

  • Jared and Jensen. Oh boy. Partying together this week in Austin. *whimpers* So close, and yet so far. *reaches out hand* BOOOOYS. Love that they just can't stay away from each other. And, I love fangirls who made certain I had this breaking news information!

  • There's watermelon! In my fridge! Right now!!

  • BB posting has started. PHEW. I haven't read a single one yet, but I will. Oh, I so will!

    Third, the plan. I have to pick up my entire house today. My parents are coming over tonight to help me with some chores and then we're going to Olive Garden for dinner -- Dad's choice. Then I will immediately come home and go to bed, even if it's still light outside. Oh, also groceries. I need to get some.

    Fourth, the right now. Coffee and clearing out my inbox. Hey, that counts as organizing! Totally a chore!

    MWAH! ♥
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