I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

even though I hate you I wanna love you

This is my last day off until after the new job starts.

Yesterday I met my parents for lunch to celebrate Mom's birthday. We went to my fave (and her's!) Italian place and it was delicious. Mom doesn't drive much anymore and is always looking for opportunities to get her errands done. She asked very sweetly if we could go grocery shopping after lunch and I agreed...it was her birthday after all! I got some things I needed too and while I was putting stuff in the cart, Dad paid for everything. That was such a gift to me, I can't even tell you.

Max hasn't been eating well lately and I got some chicken stock to freeze and put over his food at night. He licked the leftovers out of the bowl like a starving person so I'm hopeful it will entice him to eat. It better because even though I washed the countertops and my hands TWICE, everything still smells like disgusting chicken stock and it's more than my vegetarian sensibilities can handle. ONLY FOR MAX.

Goals for today:

  • Finish and put away all laundry. (I only have two loads left, easy peasy.)
  • Clean off all kitchen counter tops. The dining room table too.
  • Read one Big Bang.
  • Butcher a watermelon.
  • Pay bills.
  • Watch a DVD. I have so many checked out right now -- I never watch them.
  • Catch up on all the LJ comments in my email.
  • Find a bonus project to get REALLY excited about.

    In the short term, I should drink more coffee, don't you think? DONE!
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