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this is the way I live

Happy July Fourth! I'm about to celebrate by zipping over to CareNow to get treated for a bladder infection, and then I'm having lunch with my parents. My life. *hands*

Someone on my flist posted about wishing they were at a hotel and could just...go downstairs and hang out with fangirls and now I'm all pining for wincon. I keep wavering on which days I'm going and I really have to decide soon so I can make some plans. SIGH.

I really don't have much to say. Yesterday I worked. Tomorrow I work. You catch the drift. I do get an adventure on Sunday though -- it's camp day for Addison! She's been begging for it to be time and I'm so excited that she loves it and is ready to go again. And my brother specifically called and asked me to go with him to drop her off, which makes me happy too. (I pay to send her, so he tries to keep me happy, haha.)

Guess I need to get dressed. Love to you all, here's to a happy day!

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