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the sun is new each day

Here are some things that are exciting to me, and no one else:

  • Today is my first day back at work after several off. (That's not the good part.) And I got to sleep in. So I feel all blissfully relaxed and rested. I mean, by 8 p.m. I'll be a bear, but for now? Glorious!

  • Last night, and again this morning, Max jumped up on the bed by himself! He hasn't done this is about eight months and it is AMAZING to me that he did, just...out of the blue.

  • My boss still is on vacation today and I'm going to move my laptop into the back workroom and sit with my friends. This would INFURIATE her, which only makes me more excited to get away with it. (Also! Sitting with friends!)

  • This tea I'm drinking is DELICIOUS.

  • Addison's counselor is texting us pictures of her at camp and she is so happy and smiling and hugging friends in every one. (Sending pics is strictly NOT allowed, but...we're special, for a multitude of reasons.)

  • SPN filming starts today on season ten!!

  • I have jury duty on Thursday (again, not the good part). And, since I pay a small fortune for a downtown parking spot, I don't have to stress about parking! The courthouse is about half a mile from the library, but I can walk it. And I can walk it in jeans and tennies instead of work clothes. BRILLIANT.

    Here's to a happy Tuesday! ♥
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