I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

you better run, better run, outrun my gun

Thank you so much for all the comments in the love meme. You guys made me feel like a million bucks during a time that I really needed it. ♥ And my most sincere apologies to everyone I didn't leave comments for. This is merely a reflection of my laziness and not of my admiration for you.

Did a little flist clean up, which for me means unfriending journals that haven't posted in a significant amount of time. If that's you and you are still around, please holler at me.

I want to go to the movies? Is there anything at all worth seeing right now? (Don't say Snowpiercer.)

If you could change one thing about wincon, what would it be? (Don't say location.)

I am thinking about maybe buying a next car next year, definitely an SUV. Which should I pick? I have a CRV now, and while I do love it a lot, I think I may be ready for a slightly nicer car. The ride was soooo smooth in the Pilot I drove while my car was in the shop and I would like that all the time. And, while I loved the Pilot, it is just much too big for me. So, I would love your thoughts!

The other day softsilverchain mentioned sangria and now I WANT SOME. You can make sangria with white wine, right? What's your fave recipe? No strawberries, I'm allergic.

OH. AND. I need your help with something else LJ. I need to buy a gift for someone who loves coffee. Last year I bought him a pound of random Starbucks coffee...I mean, I literally went in and said give me a bag of something, and bought what the barista handed me. Now, I can do that again, no prob. But do you have a suggestion? What would be a good (but not expensive) coffee to give as a gift?

I am ADDICTED to my fitbit. I'm going to make a longer post about it and what I like and what I've already learned in three days of wearing it, and what my plans are for it, but...not now. Now I am lazy. Yes, I see the trend.

Also, homo_pink, I knew it! Ahh well. Will start reading tonight.

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