I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

don't waste my time, just take me home

Every single thing is making me upset today. I feel like the entire world's B-team friend -- only relevant when no one else is available. While I understand it's just that evil brain voice and not reality, it still doesn't feel very good.

So! I'm going to do some shopping and listen to my ipod obsessively and just revel in being alone for awhile because why not?

In other less wallow-inducing news, here are some things:

♥ Feeling super weird about Comic Con stuff, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY. It's completely irrational. I just want Jared and Jensen to be adorable and someone to tell me about it and for nothing else to exist. Partially, I blame twitter. *hides face*

♥ I think annkiri and I are gonna go to a hockey game in October. I'm stoked! I am not, and never will be, an obsessive hockey fan but I do enjoy seeing games live. And any activity done with my pal is guaranteed to be a good time.

♥ Made a music mix about cheating and it turned out super good.

♥ I have been divorced TWELVE YEARS and yet, I'm still getting junk mail addressed to my married name. UGH on so many levels, for so many reasons.

♥ Been playing with my FitBit. I read some things online about how it's some magical motion detector but the fact is, it's a pedometer. It's more convenient worn on your wrist than clipped to your hip, for sure, but it still serves the same purpose. I noticed that when I went into work the long way, it didn't really increase my step count the way it should. I suspect this is because I carry my keys in my right hand and cradle my water bottle and coffee against my chest with my left hand -- effectively meaning the FitBit is against my body and not moving with my legs. Thursday I was at Target and pulled up the app on my phone and experimented. If I pushed the cart with both hands (as I normally would), the FitBit picked up about every tenth step. If I pushed with my right hand and let my left hand dangle, but held it close to my body, it got about every fifth step. If I let my left hand swing, to match the pace of my legs, I literally could watch the step counter spin to keep up. Again, I say...pedometer. So, I've been trying to be more conscious about letting my left hand be empty -- will be interesting to see if it changes my averages.

♥ What time is Nerd HQ Sunday? I assume it'll be streamed. I have to work but hopefully can catch it after. I REALLY wish they'd split it into two panels. It's for charity, more money should be better, yes? And fewer people means I get more adorable Jared.

♥ This entry is a little weird, and I'm sorry. I'm in a funky headspace right now. But I'm happy and that's ok and more important than the stressful stuff. On we go. Maybe even to get ice cream!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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