I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

thinking I like the thought of you more than I like your presence

Want to drink a swimming pool full of coffee today. *rubs eyes*

Yesterday I was running late for work (as I always seem to be lately) and knocked a glass bottle of Perrier out of my fridge door. Luckily, the bottle didn't break, but the cap did pop off and there was water EVERYWHERE. I sopped up the excess, but to be honest, I didn't clean it up that well because...water. So then I came home to find out that I should have looked closer because it actually was GINGER ALE. Why I had ginger ale in a glass bottle, no one knows. But OMG there is sticky EVERYWHERE. *weeps*

My calendar reminder just popped up that I need to get my wincon flight and hotel booked. Guess it's time to decide when I'm actually GOING. Siiiigh.

I enjoyed the SDCC goodies from yesterday. Still sad about Jared's arm. He looked so stinking young in that fedora! Is he aging backwards? It's confusing me. Also, he's suddenly seven feet taller than Jensen. What the..??

Nerd HQ was pretty much just like I thought it would be. Mark Sheppard just took over everything. And I love Mark. But. SHHH. This is not a Creation panel. This is a time for Jensen to quote movie lines and Jared to reenact hair care commercials. I JUST WANT MY ADORABLE BOYS OK.

I must go to the store today. Sometimes I feel like I spend my life at the grocery store. But there is not a vegetable in my house. I literally ate leftover pizza for breakfast. This is not gonna be a good energy day y'all!

Today I am going to GET THINGS DONE. I have a long list. Watch me!
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