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you need a good girl to blow your mind

OK! Trying to figure out how to go out with CROATOAN on my arm, but still be respectable for lunch with my parents and my mom's best friends who are in town visiting. *ponders* Also told big_heart_june that'd I'd wear my pink Converse in honor of rlbivob. (OH PLEASE LET THERE BE AN UPDATE TODAY.) And! cleflink's Labyrinth re-watch party is tonight.

Busy fandom day! I like it!!

Yesterday I spontaneously cleaned out my entire office at home -- top to bottom. Was able to throw out so much junk and organized the rest. The only thing I didn't touch was a huge box full of important papers/things I need to keep. I don't have filing cabinets anymore and I just don't know what to DO with all that stuff. Anyway, it feels so good in here now. However, that was NOT on my list of things to do on my day off. Whoops.

My coffee tastes terrible this morning. Saaaad y'all.

Have you read any really great J2 fic lately? Link me, please?

I am ready to have an adventure!
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