I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

you sent for me and so I came

Guys, GUYS.

I keep staying up too late at night for REASONS, and I am TIRED. *flops* I also am WORN OUT with work drama. Two of my good friends are on my last nerves (nothing is evvveeerrrr their fault) and that's tough too because they are my buddies and I don't want to be annoyed but OMG HANDLE YOUR SHIT.


The other day, it was one million degrees and I left my water bottle at a branch and was DYING of thirst, so I took my intern through the Sonic drive-through and she convinced me to order something called a Purple O, which is DELICIOUS. ("The O stands for orgasm," she whispered. "You don't say?" I said.) OMG I am never getting anything else, soooo goooooood.

I also had Orange Leaf frozen yogurt for lunch today I AM OBSESSED.

In other news...paperbackwriter reminded me about the existence of mistyzeo's cop/nurse verse, which is one of my FAVORITES (hello handcuff timestamp!), so I re-read it all last night during a dead program at work, don't judge. But you guys. YOU GUYS. The beginning threw me for a huge loop. I had forgotten that Jared's arm is in a sling. OMG! Every word gave me flashes of Jared currently wearing a sling and guuuys. It's like this all is REAL and it's a very pleasant fantasy to get lost in. UGH, I love it soo muuuch.

OK, that is all. I'm tired and hungry and going to sit somewhere where AC blows directly on my face. Later!
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