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ain't nothing sweet 'bout how I hold my gun

Sad to hear about Robin Williams. I have many thoughts but choose instead to dwell on ten awesome things that happened yesterday:

1. I was taking some packages into the post office, one of which was HUGE and really unwieldy and a guy got out of his car and rushed over to open the door for me. I legit almost cried in gratitude.

2. I told the lady in the post office who mailed my stuff that I really appreciated her help. She smiled HUGE and said "Thank YOU for having a smile on your face. It's so much easier to be kind when people will look you in the eye." (True fact y'all.)

3. Shockingly to no one, I went to Orange Leaf again for frozen yogurt. It was so delicious that I tweeted a pic. Then, this happened:

 photo orangeleaf_zps59b45848.jpg

4. It was Monday Pancake Date Night! So fun and so delicious.

5. We're moving to a new schedule at work, which...is what it is. But in a bizarre move, my boss gave my work BFF and I the same days off again. This is GREATNESS. (We have the same days off now too, but assumed Boss would split us up at the first opportunity. She did not!)

6. Speaking of Boss! She going on vacation, starting Wednesday. WOOOO.

7. Yesterday, someone made me smile. You know, that secret sly smile that you don't share with anyone else? Yeah. That one.

8. I took two walks (albeit very short ones) yesterday and did not die in the heat! Miracle!

9. I made an awesome music mix and I just want to be in the car listening to it, all the time.

10. Except for the mug I am drinking out of, every dish in my house is washed and put away. Every bit of laundry is clean and put away. The trash and recycling are both out on the curb, waiting to be picked up. *dusts off hands*
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