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Struggling a bit with depression, I know it's just because I'm extremely exhausted. Working on trying to take care of myself, but sometimes that's stressful too. I just don't seem to be able to deal with anything at all right now.

Yesterday I saw a podiatrist for the first time because I am 100 years old.

First, he cut out a corn on my left foot, which I literally have been hobbling around on for three months. The removal was 100 percent painless and the relief was immediate. I will never wait so long to deal with that again. I said that I felt dumb for being whiny about such a small sore and the doc said corns are like inserting a BB under your bone and then telling you to walk on it. That's EXACTLY what it felt like (hurt so bad y'all) so I was validated.

Then, he looked at the heel on my right foot and diagnosed planter fasciitis, which is what I'd internet self-diagnosed myself with too. The nurse taped my whole foot up and I have to leave it that way until next Monday. I even have to wrap it in the shower, which totally makes me feel like -- brace yourselves -- Jared in rlbivob. Poor guy. Not a fun process. How I'm supposed to not wash one foot for a week, in August, in Texas, I don't know. But, one day at a time.

I also have to wear shoes all the time (ALL THE TIME), which I'm already tired of. And socks at night, which I hate. He took X-rays to look for a heel spur and I'll get those results next Monday too. I also have to buy some sort of special motion-controlled tennis shoe, which I will do tomorrow morning. On the plus side, he gave me a note to wear tennis shoes to work, which is against our dress code and a total score.

And lastly, he gave me a cortisone shot in my heel. Luckily I had no idea it was painful so I wasn't scared or anything. But, it was in fact excruciating. I actually laid in bed last night and practiced declining the shot should he ever attempt to give me another. I know it will help long-term, but short-term it's torture.

ANYWHOO. Here's hoping all this helps and I can walk like a normal person again soon.

Had two huge events at the library this weekend, one of which was a round up of 35 local authors. On Friday, I was pretty sure I was going to get fired because of the chaos and awfulness, but Saturday went off without a hitch and people already are asking if we'll do it again next year. I did a panel with a group of YA authors and they were STELLAR and I love them all. I don't want to put their names here in case they google themselves, but if you really care, I'm happy to PM you names. (Spoiler alert: one of them almost didn't make it because she had WEST NILE, OMG!)

Yesterday was my only day off this week (I worked both Saturday and Sunday) so I'm flexing off this morning and being a little lazy. I did already take my walk and do a load of laundry though, so it hasn't been a total waste. Onward, I suppose.
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