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This summer has been really difficult. But it's almost over (September 1 on the library's calendar) and I'm hopeful I'll be able to breathe again. We'll see.

Here are some recent things:

  • Max is sick again. I've very concerned. He did eat a little this morning and he's finally sleeping, so...fingers crossed.

  • My brother came through his back surgery yesterday with no complications. He's still drugged to the gills so pain will come but right now he isn't hurting too much.

  • Related to the above, my parents are in San Antonio for a month to take care of Drew and Addison while Andy recovers. April also started back to nursing school this week too so she isn't able to be around much, though she's trying.

  • Drew started kindergarten! Addison started second grade! I miss them so much, it's a physical ache inside my body.

  • My feet are feeling so much better. I still have the strapping on my right foot. They've ordered orthotic inserts that hopefully will be in next week.

  • Related to the above, HR kicked back the doctor's note to allow me to wear tennis shoes because there's no end date Hi morons, that's because THERE IS NO END DATE. But they say they can't just accept my word on it (of course not) so I have to call next week and ask the doctor for a new note.

  • Got some tough answers yesterday at work and can't quite let go of it. Still trying to decide if I want to fight for it or let it go. I am the master of my fate, right?

  • Last night I dreamed that work decided to remove two people's desk but decided to never tell us WHOSE. *flail* Sadly, this is a possible reality!

  • I intended to start a new salt_burn_porn round in September, but now I'm thinking we should wait until artpaperscissor ends. Yay or nay?

  • The hard drive with my pictures on it -- like, literally every digital image I've ever taken -- died recently. A friend was able to recover the data for me, and I am grateful. I'm dropping off a new hard drive to him this morning.

  • Even though it's become so stupid, I'm still obsessed with Project Runway. Whose your fave designer this season? (And, if you say Amanda, you are DEAD to me.)

  • All I want to eat is Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, and cheese. Maybe some tea. Always margaritas.

  • I am uninspired about everything right now, which is not good. I'm most ME when I'm really obsessive and excited about fun things. I have Sunday and Monday off and I intend to sleep and TRY. What other options are there?

    Time to leave for work. Later gators.
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