I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I saw, I conquered, I came

I am not going to make my step count AGAIN. I somehow just cannot manage it on my days off. I don't know whether to make peace with being under every day off or to just spend all day walking and nothing else. URGH. Intellectually, I know I'm being a baby, just get up and MOVE, right? But it starts to feel like this insane pressure and I just cannot take anymore pressure. Also it is hot and I am tired. I took two (TWO) walks already today, and went through Goodwill and am still not there. Just. Why can't my best ever be good enough?

Several people challenged me to do the post positive things for blah blah days in a row. It seems unlikely that I'm gonna do ANYTHING multiple days in a row, but here are some things I'm grateful for right now:

  • Max took every bit of his medicine last night (first time in about a month) and slept beside me quietly for a solid eight hours last night.
  • Delicious key lime pie from Trader Joe's.
  • The ability to ignore work email on my day off.
  • In eleven days, I'll be at Dallas!Con.

    Here is what I want from you now...show me something sexy. A fic, a picture, a cupcake, whatever. If it makes you feel sexy, I want to see it. Anything goes.

    Now, YOU tell ME some good things that have happened to you. GO.
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