I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

hi my name is...whatever you call me

The boathouse, beer pong, jet skis...Guy, do you realize how lucky we are? This is REAL LIFE. We have the best boys!!

I've been out of touch -- even more than usual -- this week. We moved the entire Central teen area from the lower level (actually underground) to the upper level (actually the street entrance.) It's been exhausting and stressful, but also amazing. I've gone home every day covered in sweat and tears and laid awake at night so sore I couldn't sleep. I hit more than 10,000 steps three days in a row.

Previously we just had an area for teens....a zillion books crammed into a too-small area, and a hidden programming room. Now we have an actual center, and actual SPACE dedicated just to teens.

Yesterday, my boss (who most know is not my biggest fan) texted me a pic of a whole gaggle of teens just hanging out in the new space with a note that said "we did a good thing." Made the entire week worth it.

I'd say I'm hopeful I'll get back into the swing of things now, but I'm scheduled to work 88 hours this week AND I'm leaving Thursday for Dallas!Con. So mostly I will be working and sleeping and like, packing one thing at a time as I'm able.

SO MUCH FANDOM EXCITEMENT. I'm still riding the wave (see what I did there?). *twirls*
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