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protective or possessive, call it passive or aggressive

Today I am going to both Orange Leaf and Which Wich. It's a perfect food day! If only the two places weren't on opposite sides of town...I need a Wendy Building like zubeneschamali!

Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a new iphone. The battery on my old one is failing so it's got to be replaced. It's so ancient it still has the retired plug! The guy told me the new one was backordered and could take up to 45 days to get here. But this morning I got an email that'd be here this week. So, that's good. I'll be grateful to not have it sitting on my porch while I'm gone to wincon.

Do any of you use a rice cooker? I was looking at them on Amazon and they either seem crappy or insanely expensive. I'm not spending $100 on a 20 cup cooker. If you have recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Cheaper is better, but I don't want to have to replace it immediately, either.

Have I mentioned that my parents are back home? They are! I finally get to see them Thursday, which will be nice. I also am seeing my podiatrist Thursday, which will be less nice. I HATE the orthotic inserts he gave me and have been in more pain then when I originally went to see him. I'm pretty bummed about it as they were expensive and also, I work on my feet so having them hurt all the time is a huge no-go.

Do any of you watch Love Prison? OMG it's so bad. And, I am so addicted. The premise is that they take two people who have been "dating" online but never met, and bring them together for the first time. But they strand them on an island for seven days -- no other people, no phones, no TV, no computer, no radio, etc. etc. etc. I mean, it's a house and all but they are forced to deal with each other and no one else. And y'all! It is shocking how annoying people can be! I get that they're irritated and the other person sucks, but they don't even TRY to keep the peace. I mean, just shut up and play nice for seven days and then you can RUN. But people are so stubborn and won't compromise and they are STUCK in this miserable situation, and it's baffling to me.

Here's what I have discovered though...two things. The couples that hate each other are bored to death the whole time. There's literally nothing to do! The couples that get along still moan about missing their conveniences, but they also find stuff to do together -- beer pong (!), hide and seek, playing cards, dance contests, talking...whatever! They just find things to entertain themselves. You can seriously predict if they'll stay together or break up, just by how bored they are the first day.

The second things seems obvious, but we all know it's harder in the moment, and that's how they handle conflict. When the couple fights (and they will fight -- production ensures it), the doomed couples get pissed and stop talking. Sometimes for literal days! They just refuse to speak! And even if one tries, the other just shuts them down.

But the successful couples get mad and stomp off, but one always comes back to say "Hey, let's talk about this." And they eventually do and someone eventually apologizes and the other accepts it. It seems so simple but it's been interesting to watch it play out over and over and over.

Confrontation and communication. Who knew?
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