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So...I shall save all the things that are upsetting me and instead focus on this:

Tonight is the Supernatural retrospective! I am so stoked for this. Even more than for tomorrow's new episode, to be honest. I'm counting on the review of our journey reminding me of all the things I've loved. And an extra hour of Jared and Jensen on my TV screen is never, ever (EVER) a bad thing.

In other news...

Last Saturday was the Pride parade downtown in the city where I work. I was able to catch a little of it on my lunch break and it was AMAZING. Absolutely packed with people, of all ages, races, types. I walked into the parade mess sort of unexpectedly and for unknown reasons it just hit me really hard, it was just...beautiful and empowering. I started crying and just Could. Not. Stop. Happy tears, but still bizarre. A lot of unexpected emotion, it overwhelmed me!

The parade was underway already when I stumbled onto it. I was there for about 45 minutes and it was still going strong when I left.

 photo FullSizeRender_42_zps4656fc04.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender5_zps85bbd358.jpg

The crowd on my side of the street (the other side was blocked off), it was crazy.
 photo FullSizeRender_1_zps0579e16d.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_15_zps9b977dec.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender3_zpsc02c41ab.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_12_zpsb6016a5e.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender2_zps6b10cc8c.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zps488bbb78.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender4_zpsb05cccf4.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_43_zps57480e8d.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_25_zps1a5e33bd.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_44_zps9891726c.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_3_zps018bce72.jpg

This fabulous lady was part of Delta's float. She lipsynced and danced to "Come Fly With Me"...and walked the entire parade route in those heels!
 photo FullSizeRender_34_zpsfb03d215.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_35_zpsf71b61a5.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_24_zps12e3d461.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_2_zps5865a428.jpg

(RLBIVOB motorcycle..??)
 photo FullSizeRender_22_zpsfdd628bd.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_14_zps596ff412.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_13_zpsc6c01a0e.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_23_zps29e04995.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_4_zps606f9f5c.jpg
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