I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

some things

  • One of the things my parents left for me was two giant (seriously giant, like bulk from Costco) containers full of candy for Halloween. Most of which I have been eating myself by the handfuls. It's just awful. But also kind of fun.

  • I got to work all day today in a branch, doing work I actually, really like, and no one yelled at me and I had no real responsibilities! It was GREAT.

  • Recently I got approved to go to a professional conference in Austin this November. Exciting because it's an AWESOME conference, because I had to stupid play games with boss in order to get to go, and because I will get to see Becca. In fact, I'm forcing her to let me crash in her house even though she's in production and will be super busy. *handwave* It'll be awesome! AND! I could also potentially get to see my family too. We'll see how that bit works out when it gets closer.

  • Addison lost a tooth and my parents got to play Tooth Fairy. Mom was SO excited!

  • Music. Still my therapy.

  • I miss fangirls.
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