I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

irregular but never irrelevant, unusual but never uncool

I just have to get through work today and then I have two (TWO!) days off...in a row! Amazingness. I think I want to see Big Hero 6, and I have exciting lunch plans for Monday, so...it'll be a good break.

I also have to start packing because I'm going to a conference in Austin this weekend. I'm actually excited, this is one I fought to attend. I also get to see Becca, which is GREATNESS. And, Sunday afternoon I'm going to drive on to San Antonio to visit my family. I miss them SO MUCH. It's literally like a huge boulder that I'm carrying and just trying to live with. But I can't breathe and it will be nice to put it down, even for just a little bit.

I'll be back Monday evening and my parents actually are scheduled to come home next Thursday. But since I'm so close, I'm still gonna visit.

In other news, I ordered a billion bath bombs from Lush. I am not a bath girl (I sincerely cannot even remember the last time I took one...maybe 2001?) but I'm looking for new ways to relax, so. Also I am an adult and if I want to take a bath to chill out and THEN a shower to actually get clean, I CAN.

There's a whole plan being put in place for me to get a grip -- sunlight, less screen time, more movement -- but more on this later.

OK, well. Work. Ten hours to freedom. GO.
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