I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I love the players and you love the game

Why did I wake up at 6:30 a.m. on my day off? No one knows. (Well, sort of my day off, I have a program at 2 p.m.)

I'm getting excited about Thanksgiving mostly because it makes a very short work week and because I get to see my parents, yay! I asked Mom if I could cook anything and bring it over and she assigned me the relish tray. Which. No one eats the relish tray! And also, that will not take any of the cooking off her plate. SIGH.

I love this quote I found in some review (I think from ew.com) about Ask Jeeves:
For poor Sam, this means he has to put himself back between the cougars, who are currently swiping through "Crushbook," or as we call it, Tinder. But when Sam enters, all eyes go to him—naturally—and when he touches them, neither of them question the cold sensation from the silver. But that's probably because they're too focused on the length of his fingers. "Did you see how long his fingers are" has to be the best line of this episode, right? Honestly.

Oh hey! Have I bragged yet that I'm done with all my Christmas shopping? *beams* I am! I still need to bake something for my co-workers but that cannot be done ahead of time. Four weekends to go!

It's Pancake Monday, so there's that to look forward to too, yum.
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