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Some things...

Got final word that I'm not being transferred out to the branch I didn't want to go to. This is a good thing. The decision has been hanging over me since last June and I'm so grateful to have it decided and done.

Have begun obsessively watching Sons of Anarchy. I love it!! I especially love how much I think about it when I'm not watching it. It's burrowed right into my brain. Also, hot, tough, tattooed guys on motorcycles, SO! YES.

Nick Jonas. I'm still obsessed. Let's have a look at this great BuzzFeed list, I INSIST you click the link, DO IT: 27 Times Nick Jonas Made Us The Thirstiest In 2014

Damn, he grew up nice.

Let's also take a moment to enjoy this adorableness:


So close to Christmas! I'm finally starting to get holiday spirit y'all!
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