I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Love That's Real Enough: a music mix inspired by Red Like Blood in Veins of Blue

I put this mix together a long, long time ago -- maybe June-ish? I wanted to wait to post it until the rlbivob boys were back to a happier place. I'm not sure they'll ever really get there, but they're at least together again and that's progress! To me, at it's heart, this is really a fic about Jared and Jensen's love. All the rest is just how they get from here to there.

It's worth noting that this music is NOT meant to evoke the feel of the fic. This is sugary sweet and schmoopy and totally all about being in love, getting married, and having a baby. But, there's something in every single song that reminds me of RLBiVoB Jared and Jensen.

I'm really proud of how this mix came out, I hope you enjoy it too!

 photo babypost_zps3f2f5bfb.jpg
 photo marrypost_zpscfc7909c.jpg

“Is that a yes?”
“I guess.” The words were out before Jared really had time to consider it.
Or maybe he’d already had the time. Months of it.
He tilted his head to meet Jensen’s gaze. “Yes.”

 photo playlist1_zps6ae643ae.jpg
 photo playlist2_zps67383856.jpg


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