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Houston Con 2015!

The time since Houston Con has been challenging for me and, for awhile, I just wasn't able to think about happy things. I'm doing better -- no worries! -- but am still having trouble going back. Even though it's been more than a week, I want to write down some of my memories, I don't want to forget them.

I drove to Houston, which was fun but really does make for a different con experience. It rained for the entire 4.5 hour drive down, which was challenging, but was gorgeous and easy breasy on the way home.

The con room was set up even weirder than normal, we were in a space that was really too small for a con that size but everyone made the best of it.

Mark Sheppard wore his coat and ate dinner on stage. He talked about how it took him 24 hours of travel to get there. I felt bad for the poor guy. But his "I'm an asshole" schstick is wearing really thin with me. There's a line you can push to but then you have to have something more. (Misha, for example, used to really bug me for this exact same reason. But in the past several years he's figured out how to balance being himself with still respecting fans.) I'm just sort of over Mark though. And I really like Mark! But constantly insulting fans is not humor. In any case, I hope he gets a nap and some PR coaching and that next time is better. I also feel it's worth noting that enablelove said he was her favorite panel, so....maybe I just needed a nap too.

The autograph lines were crazy town and wound all around the room and through each other. Pretty sure it was the most complicated system ever. They went even faster than usual, I think. Misha gave the two girls in front of me high fives. So I, of course, said, "Do I get a high five too?" and he said, "Nope! YOU get a fist bump!" and so we fist bumped and it was pretty adorable for no known reason.

I really, really love the Saturday Night Special. Love. It's worth the extra money.

So anyway, after years of training me, Creation completely jumbled the schedule Sunday and absolutely everything was done out of order. First up was my photo opp with Jensen. He looked amazing, of course, and I intended to say "Welcome to Houston" but it somehow came out "Welcome home," which is especially lame as Houston is not his home. URGH. I literally felt like a dolt the second it came out of my mouth, but he just smiled and said thanks and pulled me up close. His shirt was made of flannel, which surprised me and I remember it feeling very soft. I also clearly felt him lean his head against mine for the picture. Jensen and I don't normally snuggle up that close so I remember feeling a bit AHHHHH that he made that extra effort to lean into me.

Next, was the J2 opp. The two people in front of me did big hugs so I, of course, said I wanted a group hug too! The guys were sweet and said sure and quite literally wrapped themselves around me. I just smiled big. A second passed. Then Chris the photographer said NOPE. Apparently I was too short and you couldn't see me at all in the pic. I guess this is a bad thing? So anyway, he made me step forward and the boys octopused me again. I had it stuck in my head that I needed to hug them too, so my arms are weirdly pawing at them as I'm standing in front of them and there's no way to actually get TO them. SIGH. But still. I got J2 hugs...twice!

Jared's solo opp was great and I was trying hard to decide if his shirt was dark grey or blue denim as I knew I would tweet about it as soon as I left the room. He hugged me up and I literally have no memory of it, per usual. That man melts my brain! He'd put on a black leather jacket for the pics and that was rather distracting too.

I also took a pic with Colin and Jared and that was fun. You could tell Colin was just so ecstatic to be there. As I walked up I said to Jared, "Has he grown a bit since you last saw him?" And Jared said, "No shit, he's like eight feet!" Listen, I don't know why but Jared saying "shit" like that hit me so funny and I started laughing and you can tell in the picture. It's hilarious-looking and I love it. I thanked him and the handlers were already yelling at me to move ("I'm going, I'm going!") so...I went.

The gold panel was held in another (much too tiny) room and that's also where they did the J2 autographs. One wall was all windows, so they went through and carefully closed all the curtains so people could take pics and see the boys, and not be blinded by the sun. For autos, they had one guy in each front corner, behind a screen. The corner where Jared was at was especially dark, so this happened:

Me: Wow, they really have you stuck back here in the dark, huh?
Jared: Haha, yeah.
Me: (thinking to self: Stop talking to Jared Padalecki about being in the dark, WTF self?) So anyway...200 episodes, huh?
Jared: (to handler) You know, it IS kind of dark.
Handler: Err...ok. Uhm. I could...open a curtain...?
Jared: (to handler) Yes please!
Jared: (to me) Hey thanks babe!
Me: I've got your back Jared!
Jared: *winks* *huge grin*

OMG. I can't decide if I'm more proud for being the reason the poor guy got light or if I'm too embarrassed that I spent my ten seconds of Jared-time complaining about it being too dark. EITHER WAY though, it was awesome.

For Jensen autos, the girl in front of me had a Deanguin, which was a penguin thing she'd made in one of those paint-some-pottery places and decorated to look like Dean. It was hilarious and funny and you could tell she was so embarrassed but still determined, and Jensen was clearly tickled about it. So I just laughed and said, "Well, I'm not that creative!" and he smiled so big and said, "You don't have to be!" We thanked each other for being there and that was that.

Aaaand, the best part of all cons is spending time with fangirls. I roomed with fangasmspn, which was fab. I finally got to hug enablelove in person, she is so sweet and adorable. kerryblaze and I bonded in the photo opp line. Aunjunee was a stellar photo line buddy. I am grateful for fangirls, always!

Other things to remember:
  • Kim sharing that she was newly six months sober.
  • How Rob and Rich's relationship continues to mirror mine and Becca's.
  • "Angel in the Centerfold" being used to sing Misha off stage.
  • The four tiny, tiny children dressed as Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley.
  • Jared and Jensen's Dads coming on stage when introduced as Season 37 Sam and Dean.
  • Jared is starting to bulk up again, just a little.
  • Fangirl dinner at Cracker Barrel.
  • Tweeting about superstitions -- Jensen always walks on plane with right foot first. Jared kisses his fingers and touches top of door (I do the kiss-thing too) -- and someone responding that she could be flying on a plane Jared kissed. AHHH! LOVE!
  • On the drive home, I passed Sam's Restaurant and then, one mile later, DW's XXX Videos. For real.

    I attempted to scan my photo opps but the color is so bad. Wish I knew what was up with my scanner. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered jpegs (HAAAAATE paying for those *kicks scanner*) so when they come, I'll post 'em.

    Thanks for being patient with me everyone!
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