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you got the cure underneath your shirt, don't you wanna save this dirty little damsel?

Ooohhh you guys. Life has been nuts busy. What else is new, right? But after I make this entry, I'm going to read new deirdre_c J2 fic and there ain't nothing bad about that!

Speaking of Dei, she and others had a discussion about Mikhail Baryshnikov on twitter and now I can't live another week without watching White Nights again. I still remember when that movie came out! It's so good.

Some things I've currently obsessing about:

  • Fine tip sharpie markers.
  • Tosi Almond Superbites. OMG these are so good!
  • Reading in bed.
  • Charcoal face masks.
  • Graze snack boxes. Seriously don't know how I'd even feed myself without these.
  • TSA Pre-Check -- no more security lines? Yes please! I'm registering Monday.
  • Really hot, milky tea.
  • Golden Girls reruns.
  • Max's super soft ears.
  • The weather -- it was in the 30s last Thursday, should be in the 80s by tomorrow.
  • Soft, flannel pillowcases.
  • My Spark Notebook. Sooo amazing and addicting.
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sherran. This is on repeat constantly in my car.
  • Text messages. All day, every day.
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