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It's snowing and it's pretty and I don't have to go anywhere today and so I am happy. And it's going to be warm and dry for the next few days, so that also makes me happy too.

Some things I've become obsessed with:

♥ Instagram! ames1010 encouraged me to get one so I set that up during our last ice day and YEAH. I really love it a lot.

This jacket from Lands End, which I bought back in November during a particularly brutal cold snap. It is warm and comfy and I don't feel like a huge round ball and the pockets are lined in flannel and sometimes I don't even wear gloves, I just shove my hands in the pockets and they're toasty warm. Also, it has a hood, which I wear all the time because...hoods. I love a hood.

♥ Graphic novels. Loooove. OBSESSED.

♥ Hockey. NOT the fandom, don't get excited. No recs please. But actual games. I want to go to another!

♥ Everyone who is linking spn_masquerade fills. YOU are my forever favorites.

♥ Finally getting around to discarding that one bra that rubs an itchy welt on my back. It was expensive so I resisted but every time I wear it, I'm miserable, so... *dusts off hands*

Now I'm off to see how this day fills up! MWAH.

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