I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I'm thinking out loud

Max has had a rough night and morning. I gave him some extra pain medicine about an hour ago, which seems to have helped. He's still restless, but calmer. This poor, sweet doggie. :(

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch, we drank a bunch of margaritas really fast and then I was too drunk to drive home. Whoops. We hung out talking for a long while and then she had to leave and I went to a near by shopping center to walk around awhile. Got a grey cardigan but mostly was too drunk to try things on. Whoops again. Finally made it home and ate leftover Orange Leaf past!me had thoughtfully placed in the freezer. Great day!

I have another make up question: I own this (Ambient Lighting Palette) and cannot figure out how to use it. Please don't say "use a big, fluffy brush to sweeeeeep it across my face." That's what google tells me and frankly, it pretty much has the same impact as sweeping AIR onto my face with a big, fluffy brush. BLERGH. Any suggestions?

I can hear my wind chimes out on the back porch and they are so beautiful.

Goals for this random day off:

  • Make oatmeal for the week.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Watch a movie -- either Home (in the theater) or Big Hero 6 (on DVD)
  • Put away all the laundry I washed yesterday.
  • Eat a lot of cheese.
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