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better men than me have failed

Per usual, the world spins on.

Some things:

♥ Had a very nice Easter. It was me, mom, dad, and one of my mom's oldest friends who has been visiting for the last few weeks. Very relaxed. Lots of wonderful food. Everyone was in a good mood. It was a nice day.

♥ My hot water heater is leaking. Joy. The guy is coming Friday to look at it.

♥ Frankly, I'm not too sure my AC is working all that great either. SIGH.

♥ Today I finished listening to the audiobook version of Rob Lowe's "Stories I Only Tell My Friends." I loved it. He's had a fascinating life and I love the way he talks about negative experiences -- difficult but ultimately bringing him to a place of greater joy. And the name dropping...! Love the casual stories about interactions with famous people (many before they even were). SO MUCH FUN.

♥ I also watched the DVD of "Wild." I had read the book and, while it was interesting, I wasn't too impressed. The narrator (Cheryl Strayed) was a very unsympathetic person, in my opinion. But I wanted to see how they translated that on film. Holy moly, it was boring. SO BORING. Much of the story takes place while Cheryl is alone, hiking the PCT. And...the movie maintains that. There are some flashbacks to give context but they mostly just skipped the majority of the meaty bits of the actual book. That's always so weird to me. Also, I'd read a bit about how BRAVE Reese Witherspoon was to take on an "ugly" role, specifically that she doesn't wear make up because she's portraying a long distance hiker. She is, of course, still gorgeous, and wears eye make up in every single scene. I guess no lipstick and freckles is enough to earn you an Best Actress Academy Award nomination -- even when the actual movie is awful.

♥ I am craving an experience that changes me. Something that truly alters my thinking, the very essence of who I am. It's not that I necessarily think I need to fundamentally change. I just want the EXPERIENCE of the catalyst to make me take stock and examine myself.

♥ I need another ten days off if I ever am to have any hope of being caught up with anything at all, ever again. Alas.
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