I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind


Oh you guys. I keep thinking people can read my mind and, you know what? They can't. SIGH.

I will respond to comments on the Project Semicolon post I made yesterday but I wanted to quickly clarify that it's not a tattoo. I didn't even realize people would think that until a co-worker asked me about it. (I also posted the picture on Facebook.) Whoops? I personally will never have visible tattoos and just assumed everyone would know it was fake. I'm sorry. I feel I have misled you. But the cause is important and that's what matters most -- the meaning behind the image.

I did see that the boys launched a new t-shirt campaign. I haven't had time to investigate it properly but will do that tomorrow -- I actually have a Saturday off. WOOOOOO. Their sincere faces...*touches heart* Love those guys and our SPN Family.

I also thank everyone who commented on my other post yesterday, which was about some work drama. I've made that post private for a variety of reasons but appreciate all the advice.
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