I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I'm gonna need an icon of Jared's hair in the man bun/ponytail. Any takers? I mean, it's weirdly hot. I just...JARED. And the fact that Gen did it? *flail* I just. Those two. That guy. Perfection.

There are 38 stories left to be claimed by artists at spn_j2_bigbang. I'm about to open it for second claims here shortly and I hope we can wrap it all up quickly. (We won't, things won't end until tomorrow. But....wishful thinking!)

I didn't get to see my mom yesterday so I'm off today to do that. Hopefully people will be patient with me being slow about claims this afternoon. We'll see.

The rain seems to have cleared off and this makes me happy.

I have a ton of stuff to update about (including the sheer awesomeness that is blackrabbit42) but it will have to wait. Longer letter later, fandom. ♥

ETA: I was looking at some old entries and came across this and it still applies and I still want it.

Also, I'd like for there to be fic about how Jensen is ridiculously and meticulously over-scheduled (possibly down to the minute) and has a crazy calendar full of post it notes and color coding and arrows (Big Bang schedule, what?) and Jared forces him to throw the schedule out and be spontaneous and relax, and it's glorious.
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