I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

life is a beautiful mess

So grateful to everyone who made spn_j2_bigbang go so smoothly. Thank you. I appreciate you all!

Been lots going on over here that's non-fandom too. I had a HUGE work event on Saturday, which is why claims ended up being pushed back a day. I was head of that committee and the event was very successful. My boss even sent me a "good job" email. I mean. Can you even believe? *pleased*

I didn't see my Mom Sunday for Mother's Day so I went over there Monday. It was a weird visit. We were all a little out of sorts. And, somehow, Mom scheduled the AC repair guys to come right in the middle of the visit so everything was chaotic.

My Dad has developed a tremor in his right hand that is getting progressively worse. Mom is convinced he's got Parkinson's but he refuses to get it checked out. I don't have any idea how to deal with this. My Dad is strong to me, capable. He takes care of everyone. I'm pretty sure he's invincible. So, how can this even be happening?!?!

Max is not doing well. I don't think I posted about the scare we had about two weeks ago. I thought that was it and took him to the vet, expecting to not bring him home. It was horrible and really traumatic. But the vet wanted to try something else and I was all for it. Max was better for awhile but...he's old. And it's a really difficult time right now. He doesn't seem to be in pain though, so I'm trying to hold onto that.

While we were all BB claiming, I made a HUGE pan of roasted veggies and they are DIVINE. I meant to buy beets to add to the mix but somehow ended up with radishes instead. I left them out of the mixed veg, but have been reading about roasting radishes, which apparently is delicious. What do you think? Worth a try?

I also made cold brew coffee concentrate successfully for the very first time. I've had dozens of unsuccessful tries but finally got the right equipment -- no matter what food bloggers say, a colander lined with coffee filters does NOT work. I'm excited to try it out tomorrow morning!

Got delicious Orange Leaf today as my reward and then bought dog food for Max. He's on an all soft food diet and eating about four cans a day. So it goes QUICK. I feel like I'm buying it constantly. I don't mind, not at all, it's just a new routine.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist and then getting my hair cut. Thank GRAVY. I'm desperate for a hair cut. Then, it's back to work and back to my real life. YAY. And BOO. Both.
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