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I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it

So, HERE IS THE THING. I have been reading but usually swoop through my entire flist in about ten minutes and there's no time to comment and I am always late and GAH! Love me anyway?

Finished The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen and loooved it. It's so good. Sort of a young Game of Thrones almost. The main character is 19. Anyway, I was mentally recasting it while reading, as you do. Clearly Jared is Queen Kelsea. Jensen is Mace. Rob Benedict is Pen. I think Richard Speight will be the Fetch, though clearly not the love interest. I just want this to magically exist for me to read right now, please. I'm going to read another book in-between, but then on to the Tearling sequel. Can't wait!

I also saw Jurassic World today. I LOVED IT. Would pay to see again. Gah! I spent half the movie with my hands over my mouth and was doing that squirmy thing where you just want to curl up in a little tense ball but cannot. And yes, I would like to stick with Chris Pratt too! None of the characters were terribly well developed but he had that perfect badass, protective "get behind me"-thing going on and that just really melts my butter. He even refers to himself as the Alpha. *puuurrr* Also? DINOSAURS.

Just made my first batch of ice cream using Jeni's recipe (as directed by girlguidejones) and it is delicious and I am OBSESSED.

Lastly, I don't care even a teeny bit about sports but sometimes annkiri takes me to hockey games and they are always fun and she likes the Blackhawks so I was very pleased that they won the Stanley Cup. (Side story: I was mentioning this to some co-workers and my boss, who is a sports fanatic, was disgusted that I liked hockey. She kept saying, "ICE hockey?!?!" I guess there are other kinds? Anyway, I thought it was hysterical and I love when she gets annoyed but doesn't really know why. It's like a double win for me. HA!)

P.S. Have not yet drown. Please keep the lifeboats ready though.
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