I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

let me inside of your world

I've been kind of low the last few days but today I feel great so I'm just soaking that up as much as possible.

On July Fourth, I got to hang out with my family, which was delightful. The food situation was weird but I looooved getting to see Addison and Drew. I keep waiting for the sad, sad day when they aren't excited to see me, but it hasn't happened yet. Addison gave a me a HUGE hug when I arrived, and Drew let me kiss his dimple repeatedly. *beams* Mom wanted to look at some furniture so she, Addison and I went off to do that. We got bored while she was looking so Addison and I camped out on a random couch display and made silly videos on my iphone. It was a hoot.

Sunday, the kids went off to summer camp and were excited and did well with the drop off. This is Drew's first year and I'm a little worried about him adapting, but there haven't been any calls yet, so that's a super good sign!

Today I went back to my podiatrist who basically told me to get new shoes (frustrating as I just bought new ones and they were very expensive) and to wear the freaking orthotics, which I HATE. I suppose I'll try yet again...but not until I get the new shoes. He also didn't fight me when I declined the heel injections, though I was clearly panicked and that may have been why. He did prescribe an oral version instead. PHEW.

Also, I feel I must tell you that I just ate ice cream for lunch because it's July and I'm happy, and I CAN.
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