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Don't believe me? Just watch.

I missed every bit of Comic Con coverage, every picture, every tweet, every vid. This is the first year I didn't watch the Nerd HQ panel live. I basically feel like a failed fangirl. I have actual guilt -- how is that even possible?!?! I'd love links to anything J2 you loved, especially the Nerd HQ recording. Please?

I spent three days in a row with my family. Addison and Drew were home Friday night and Saturday. Addison went back to camp for another week Sunday and Drew is staying with my parents. My brother and sister-in-law have, of course, absconded to somewhere sunny, expensive, and far, far away. Best not to dwell too much on that bit.

Friday night we picked the kids up from camp and it was amazing. Our camp (this is the same one my brother and I went to all our lives) starts a recognition program after three years of attendance where the kids get a staff (their word), which is basically a hand carved walking stick. It has each person's name etched into the side and each year you receive beads and special cords that you attach to it. It's A Big Deal. Anyway! This was Addison's third summer so she was awarded her staff and we all are beside ourselves for her.

We were worried about Drew but he had a BLAST. Everyone loved him (even though he told me his counselor got REALLY mad when Drew was playing with a kazoo and wouldn't stop. I can't blame him for that, haha.) (Especially since I sent the kazoos in Drew's care package, whoops.) I've talked to him a bit and he says he wants to go next year and that he had fun. He loved swimming, which we were unsure he would do and even wore a life vest so he could go in the deep end. Awwww, my little guy. He's so grown up suddenly! He's both tiny and huge, all at once.

Saturday I was working a half day so we met up early and took the kids to see the Minion movie, which was not good. But Addison held my hand through the whole movie and Drew asked me so sweetly to hold all his snacks (we ate lunch there) and would lean over and say please whenever he wanted anything and BASICALLY my heart melted. Then I had to leave them and go to work and that part sucked a lot.

I worked Sunday too and so my parents took Addison back to camp by themselves, which made me sad. But I met them after work and we all went to dinner -- it was my Dad's 69th birthday! We ate at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian place and Drew was so well behaved. (Did I mention that my brother neglected to refill any of Drew's meds? It's been challenging to cope with.) Then we went home and had fancy cupcakes while Dad opened presents.

I was wearing my work name tag and I asked Drew to read it (he can't read yet) and he looked it all over and said, "It says Aunt Wendy!" I think you're right baby, it really does. #realname

Now it's Monday and I am so, so sleepy and about to head out to work again and PLEASE PLEASE share some J2 Comic Con goodness because I need it in my life. ♥
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