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talkin bout a revolution

Today is Jared Padalecki's birthday and this makes me very happy! I can't wait for his big announcement, coming in about 20 minutes. I hope that wherever he is right now, he's happy, healthy, and surrounded by love.

This year to celebrate, I've decide to spend the next thirty days focusing on the positive things in my own life, on the ways *I* am happy, healthy, and surrounded by love. At least once a day -- but maybe more -- I will post somewhere about something I'm grateful for. Might be on LJ, on twitter, on Facebook, instagram....could be all those places. I'm trying to give myself a little wiggle room as I'm not always able to get on a computer or deal with twitter. So! SOMEWHERE I will post about a happy, positive thing. Thirty days. Here we go!

For today I'm grateful for many things including:

  • Nine hours of Ambien-induced sleep.
  • The cold brew coffee that's soaking on my kitchen counter.
  • Tennis shoes that don't hurt my feet.
  • Plans for dinner tonight with friends.

    If you wanted to share some things you're happy about too, that'd be awesome! The more happy you recognize, the more you start to see it all around, so...let's do it!
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