I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

peroxide princes shine like shark teeth

Yesterday I made a community post and now I'm getting two emailed copies of every comment. One left to me and one left to the community. WHY. I'm even getting community copies of the comments *I* make. I would like this to stop ASAP. (Not the emails, I like that. But the double notifications. This has never happened before! *whimper*)

Have some #happythings!

  • I have one HUGE and one medium event to put on this weekend for work. And I realized this morning that I might actually get all my advance work done. IN ADVANCE.

  • Packages from Sephora.

  • New America's Next Top Model. I know it is worse than terrible TV. But I loooove it. And I make no apologies.

  • Sending birthday cards.

  • My dinner last night -- a loaded baked potato.

  • Instagram. I continue to be obsessed.

  • New car shopping! (So many choices OMG!)
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