I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

all of your demons will wither away, ecstasy comes and they cannot stay

Saturday I was off work and took some of Max's stuff to the Humane Society. I had anticipated that errand being really emotional, but the two ladies working were legit cuckoo birds and I mostly just wanted to escape as quickly as possible. Then I picked up Max's ashes from the vet, which WAS very emotional and I cried a lot, for a long time. But I'm grateful that's all over and now there's nothing more I have to do.

Later that night, I went to dinner with my Mom. It's rare for us to do something alone, so that was nice. She gave my a big box of junk that she'd found in a closet she was cleaning out. It was papers, like...my baptism announcement, my PSAT exam, my driver's ed registration, the per semester cost worksheet for my college dorm, and every report card from kindergarten through my college graduation. AMAZING. I love stuff like that and am so grateful she saved it for me.

I pretty much have eaten nothing but ice cream, honey, coffee, and one entire log of fresh mozzarella in the last two weeks and I feel disgusting and bloated and gross. I hate that I'm going to a con feeling like this, but there's not much I can do about it in four days time.

Yesterday I worked, but today I was off work again and have basically been lazy and watched a lot of Seinfeld. What TV show do you think I should mainline next? Nothing too heavy, I can't handle it!

I also painted my toes for the first time in more than a year. I took my car and got it washed and detailed. It's been so long since I had THAT done that the price was nearly double what I last remember paying. (No joke.)

I also went by both Ulta and Sephora but couldn't find what I wanted. Sephora online had it though, so I just ordered it like I should have done in the first place.

And, I read the first book in the Captive Prince series, which I have avoided for years. I think. The majority of the story felt verrrry familiar to me. So maybe I've read parts of it? I for sure don't remember the way it ended, but all the rest...hmmmm. I have the second book ready to go next. If anyone has a PDF of the third book, please share! I know the Penguin version doesn't come out until February but I was almost sure all three books had been released online, before she had a legit publishing contract. Does anyone know?!!? HELP ME!

Becca will be here Thursday. I will get to see Lynn and Aunjunee and allll the fangirls on Friday. And I will be hugged by Jared Padalecki on Sunday. Not a bad weekend to look forward to!
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