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Dallas Con 2015

So, I had a GREAT time at Dallas Con, as expected. Loved seeing so many of my favorite fangirls. And, of course, the SPN cast never disappoints. Pretty sure I have a crush on every single one of them!

Seeing Alaina Huffman and Ruth Connell dressed in skin tight leather cop outfits was a highlight, as was seeing Gil McKinney dressed as Indiana Jones. I never knew I needed that in my life, but I did. I really, really did.

Here, have it in your life too (tweeted by Alaina):

 photo cops and IJ_zpskqatevdh.jpg

During Misha's panel, he mentioned the movie Contact, and how much he liked it. When I got his autograph, I said I was a librarian, and required by law to tell him that the book Contact was 100 times better. We had a brief conversation about that. (Me: It's by Carl Sagan. Him: Really? It's a Sagan? I had no idea!) It amused me because I honestly have no idea if it was a real conversation or him humoring me. But either way....fun!

Y'all. Jared always is a gorgeous man, but Sunday he was EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful. Like, I almost couldn't breathe he looked so amazing. Just. He clearly was happy and in a good space and feeling loved. His hair was on point and the dimples were poppin'. It was perfect.

Becca and I always share a J2 photo opp and it was delightful. I cuddled up to Jared and he rubbed my back the whole time. He said, "Thanks babe" and showed me that big dimpley smile and I just barely held it together. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I had both guys sign my Always Keep Fighting cuff bracelet and it looks so good!

During Jared's autograph, I asked him about the pic he and his sister gave away of Big Mo and the moose. Rumor said he'd drawn the moose, was that true? He said NOPE, that he's drawn Mo. I kind of thought he was joshing since that's Megan's signature character. But he insisted it was true. I asked him if drawing was something he did too and he said (and I quote), "Oh fuck no!" He went on to explain that she had sent him a reference picture and step-by-step directions so he could recreate Mo, one line at a time. He emphasized that he did NOT trace it, he actually did draw it himself but that Megan had very, very carefully sent him instructions about exactly what to do.

I found this extremely adorable and endearing. Also, really cool that they'd both worked so hard to make that project happen. Also, more dimples were seen. JARED! BE MINE.

Jensen and I were wearing shirts with similar color palettes -- red plaid flannel. So during his autograph, I made some crack about how we'd both gotten the memo about dressing alike.

Jensen: We weren't the only ones. (said dry and adorably sarcastic)
Me: Wait, are you saying I'm not special?
Jensen: No. Wait, are you saying *I'M* not special?
Me: NO.

And then....I didn't really know where to go from there so I thanked him and ran.

Now I am back home and missing laughing at Rich and Rob's comedy and I had to drink coffee without fangirls this morning and there will be no more Jared hugs until February. SADFACE. I also woke up yesterday super sick, so that's been good times. Bu still...WORTH IT! ♥
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