I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

you can drive

Last night I worked an event with one of our volunteers, a teen who is older in age but younger in maturity. Anyway, she remarked that I have "that Padalecki guy" on my phone lockscreen. I've found that only people who know, well. They KNOW. So, I showed her my J2 photo from last weekend and she was all excited and it was fun.

Later in the evening, a different co-worker mentioned that she was thinking about buying a Dodge Charger. So we gushed about how amazing they were for awhile and then I asked her if she'd ever watched Burn Notice ("My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy") because the guy on that show drove a Dodge Charger and it was important to the plot, etc.

The volunteer looked at me oddly, broke into a huge grin and said, "Wendy, I'm sensing a trend with you. Hot guys with hot cars!"

I thought that was a pretty fair assessment! ♥
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