I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

meanwhile, the house is empty

It's October 1, which marks the start of my favorite month of the year! MY BIRTHDAY MONTH.

Today also is the start of our somewhat cooler weather. We could be in jackets by week's end -- and while I'd rather not wear a coat, it is nice to go outside without dying. I might take a walk....FOR FUN.

Last night a friend asked me to dinner and I went and it was lovely. Afterwards, we sat outside on a bench and just talked for ages, one of those great intense conversations that feels cleansing and validating.

Also, I ate a chocolate éclair.

Anyway, here are some #happythings to start the month off right:

  • To Do lists. Sometimes there's so much in my head that I can't hold it all. Pouring it out into a list is blissful.

  • Text messages from people you weren't expecting to hear from.

  • Making plans for vacation!

  • My new backpack!

  • Clean sheets on the bed.

  • I dreamed about Max last night, which made me sad. But also happy that he wanted to see me too.

  • Taking a second to just breathe.

    Today will be a great day, how could it not be?
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