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Five J2 Recs + Sam picspam + personal misc.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately -- it's been a bit of a rough time. Things are fine but I just needed to take some time to go internal for awhile.

Many years ago, when I still worked in PR, I had a boss who was a bit older, I'd say mid-60's. He was kind and smart, by far the best boss I've ever worked or. Anyway, one day in a group staff meeting he talked a bit about how simple PR things could garner press just as well as big, expensive, complicated things. He passed around a front page newspaper article about a new park that opened and during the opening event had a soccer player who kicked a ball over a large lake. It was impressive, but -- in the leader's opinion -- not that big a deal. I was shocked it got press at all and looked a little closer.

The soccer player was David Beckham.

I'd forgotten all about that until I saw the People magazine announcement of Becks as the Sexiest Man Alive or whatever they call it. Fingers crossed for a pic of him in his underwear!

So looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. For the first time ever (seriously, EVER) Mom agreed to let me do some of the cooking. It isn't necessarily that I want to, it's just that she exhausts herself and literally makes herself miserable and sick. It's no fun for anyone and I'm grateful she's letting me help. Thanksgiving is about a minute away so I'm going this afternoon to get all my groceries and such.

In other news, can I tack J2 recs onto the backside of a personal update? Let's find out!

  • A Doll's House by cherie_morte -- (Jared/Jensen, R, 20,763 words) -- Jensen owns Puzzles Toys, a high-end store specializing in making and selling dollhouses. Jared is a regular; he stops by every few days with his daughter, Emma. They visit so often that Jensen can't help starting to suspect it's not just toys bringing them back.

  • and the deep blue sea by bertee -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,700 words) -- In which slightly sadistic pirate!Jared is a good fit with mildly masochistic lieutenant!Jensen.

  • Diving Measures by ephermeralk -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 2,000 words) -- Jared’s back from a two-week mission, but he’s going to make Commander Ackles work for the intel he recovered

  • I Leave My Heart in the Dust Where You Walk by akintay -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 40,000 words) -- Jensen's life is pretty simple: he runs the ranch his parents left him, spends what little time off he has with his best friends, and occasionally drives for miles to hook up with men he will never have to see again. He tells himself he isn't really gay and that he's happy with the life he leads. But then Jared – tall, beautiful and vibrant – arrives on the ranch looking for work, and Jensen begins to question who he is and what he really wants. Featuring: puppies, horses, skinny dipping, mud fights, sex in a hayloft, and meddling best friends.

  • Like a Bird by ashtraythief -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,000 words) -- Jared gets out of prison. When his boss tells him he organized some entertainment, he never thought he'd find his girl lounging on his bed. (And, it's sequel: Long Hard Times to Come)
    ETA: I have it backwards! Read "Long Hard Times to Come" and THEN read "Like a Bird"! ♥

    And, as a bonus, a picspam of Sam's first and last appearance in the first nine seasons:

  • Sam's first and last appearance in each season by casey28
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