I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I love you, and I like you

I keep having anxiety and not posting and I'm sorry.

Some things:

Apparently there was some type of blahblah error on my computer and now internet explorer won't work anymore. Yes, I was the last remaining person still using IE. And so all my bookmarks are gone and I have to use Chrome, which I hate (I also hate Mozilla, please don't try to sell me on it) and I have to use it anyway and I am SAD. I had hoped to buy a laptop in 2016 anyway, but hopefully I can hold on until January at least. Blergh. *stomps around*

My mom gave me a HUGE PILE of homemade cookies and I have been coming home every day and putting a few on a plate and savoring them and pretending they were direct injections of mom love and sometimes it is legit the best part of the day. Yesterday she casually asked how my co-workers liked the cookies. WHOOPS.

I have wrapped NOTHING to date. Nothing. Not one thing.

I have no interest in seeing Star Wars but am SUPER EXCITED that Amy Poehler has a new movie out this week.

Also, I checked out a huge book of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons from the library and someday I will have time to read it.

And I've been binge re-watching Parks and Rec. Mostly while eating nachos.
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