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I'm missing more than just your body

Computer problems continue. My itunes had a critical error (I assume the same one that impacted my IE?) and wiped all my music. So, I uninstalled it and went to reinstall and...it won't let me. So, I'm itunes-less. This is not good!!

Had a great day off yesterday. I got my hair cut and then met a friend and her two adorable munchkins downtown for lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We had a really lovely time and the kids were amazing, as they always are. Ethan wrote me a sweet note and Sophie held my hand while we walked around downtown. There's a huge Christmas tree and SANTA in the square so it was super fun to see.

Then I came home and wrapped all my Christmas presents, which has been hanging over my head so I'm especially glad to have that done.

Now I have to work today and again on Thursday and then I am off to San Antonio for less time then it will take me to drive there and back, but STILL. I will get Addison and Drew hugs, waffles, and my Dad making my coffee every morning just because he likes to. Oh, and KITTENS.

I can't wait! ♥
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