I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

also, LeBron James

Had an excellent, excellent Christmas, very low key and low stress. Addison attached herself to my side and Drew allowed me to kiss his dimple and eat his belly. I taught Addison how to say "dragee" in a fancy English accent while we were decorating cookies and that became a reoccurring theme for the holiday. We also watched YouTube videos of some guy destroying iphones that she's obsessed with. And, Drew listened to some Minecraft song video, the entire lyrics of which are "I NEED A DIAMOND SWORD, SWORD, SWORD" and it has been stuck in my head for four entire days. Everyone was on their best behavior and it was lovely.

Also, kittens. My SIL rescued three little kittens and then there was an issue finding a no kill shelter to take them to (there isn't one, wtf!) so they ended up keeping them and they are AMAZING. But then, April found ANOTHER kitten and rescued him too and my brother is furious and says the fourth kitten is the tipping point and he CANNOT stay.

He's black (which we consider good luck) and is the sweetest little guy but then, when you least expect it, he extends his claws and ruins you. They named him Dexter. I'm kind of in love. I'm considering taking him but I've never had a cat before and so find that daunting. Also, I'm not at all sure I'm ready for a new pet. But, we'll see how life takes me.

Also, yesterday I ordered my new laptop. That was scary for me as well....so much mooooney. *moans* But I know I'll be glad to have a functioning computer again. It will be here while it's still 2015, so not long now!

In other news, it is cold and raining and so I am going to get Starbucks and finally get the game piece I need to win Starbucks for life, I just know it!

Happy Monday.
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