I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

IT'S CAPTIVE PRINCE DAY! I am very excited. Of course, I work late tonight so won't be able to read any of it, but whatever. It exists and it is on my ipad! *squees into fist*

Also last night it hit me that I am so behind on SPN and I'm going to a con (Houston) next week. WHOOPS. I must, must, must catch up over the weekend. Yikes.

AND, I discovered that there's a TonyMoly store in Dallas and I desperately want to go and I don't think I can until MARCH.

Also, while I was typing that, a little black cat paw reached over the back side of my desk and gently pulled off my moose beanie baby....!! UNACCEPTABLE DEXTER. The moose is MINE!

And, per usual, I have to leave for work now. BYE. *rushes*
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