I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I cut em all loose and work's my excuse, but the truth is I can't open up

I found this in a blog post a month or so ago and have been holding onto it. Today, Boss said something extremely mean to me, so the time is right. I'm not asking for sympathy or insults to her, I'm just trying to stay positive.

 photo d244f393-880d-4782-aa0c-4bbcf31697dc_zpsxob1bl1l.png
This one's a bit more abstract, but still important, I think. Start keeping a file or folder – whether digital or physical – that contains all the compliments you receive from friends, family, and even strangers. It's so easy to forget the nice things people say about you, because they're often outweighed by negative comments that stick in your head more easily.

If you're having trouble coming up with material for this "compliment bank," ask 10 of your closest pals what they think your 3 best qualities are.

Help me out?

ETA: The picture went with the original blog post, it isn't about me!
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