I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

and so it goes

  • My brother is in the hospital. He probably has a kidney stone and pneumonia, but they're still unsure. Also accelerated heart rate, which is probably a prolonged panic attack.

  • A friend went to the ER early this morning with some heart problems, but they've already discharged her so I assume she's ok.

  • Only 25 claims left for BB.

  • I just did a sheet mask that is making me itch all over. (Will wash as soon as I finish this entry.)

  • I have eaten SO MUCH sugar already today that I'm actually craving a salad. Which I do not have.

  • Don't get to see my Mom today, which is bumming me out.

  • My sis-in-law graduated from nursing school yesterday!

  • While I was working on claims this morning, the kitten jumped up on my desk and pushed everything off so he could be near me. ♥

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