I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I'm a real big baller 'cause I made a million dollars and I spend it on girls and shoes

  • Survived BB claims! Now I'm working on figuring how to give basically everyone "the latest posting date possible." Ugh.

  • Drinking a Mike's Margarita right this very second.

  • Randomly missing deirdre_c and girlguidejones a whole lot.

  • Yesterday I was with some teens at work and one of them asked me a question about my phone. I handed it to him and he found the answer. Then he asked me a question about Instagram but said he didn't want to open mine. I said it was fine, to go ahead. And then he said, completely incredulous, "Are you REALLY about to give me full control of your instagram??" But at that precise moment I remembered that I follow both Colby Keller and Levi Carter so maybe I didn't need kids scrolling through dick pics on MY phone, at the library so I took it back. On the other hand...what did he think he could DO on my instagram?!

  • Reading Bill Bryson's new book and it is excellent.

  • Planning a very brief trip to NC in June to see Biltmore.

  • Loving the sheet mask I did this morning and trying to remember who on LJ I was talking to about sheet masks...?

  • Hate that I have missed so much going on here. :(

  • big_heart_june is home and I am so glad. Felt like I was missing a limb while she was gone!

  • I want new icons.

  • Now, ice cream.
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