I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

My Mom fell about a month ago and cracked a vertebra. Then, last week she climbed up on a bed to fix a curtain (!!) and fell and fractured her pelvis. And, her sweet doggie has gone blind. It's been challenging and my heart breaks for them both.

Also, it's been tough times for my Dad and for my brother in other areas.

And, today, one of my good friends was admitted to the hospital and I am just beside myself.

But, as always, life is a balance. Here are some good things:

  • Big Bang has started despite me barely being involved. Bless you fandom.

  • Boss retires in 66 days. I may or may not have put a countdown calendar on my phone.

  • Dexter is in my lap right this second, purring so loud.

  • I watched Zootopia today and it was excellent. I highly recommend.

  • I am obsessed with this popcorn. I accidentally (for real) ordered a case of it and it's amaaaazing.

  • Day before last I randomly had the TV on while I was folding laundry and was watching Bones reruns. My all time favorite episode, Aliens in a Spaceship came on and I cried and it was still amazing.

  • It's pouring rain outside and I am not at work.
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